PROJECT: Dilution Calculator
  • (Hybrid Mobile App)
YEAR: 2015

Simplify the everyday task of making solutions in your lab with the Seahorse Stress Test Dilution Calculator.

Streamlined XF assay compound dilution routines are now available at your fingertips via this simple, scientific dilution calculator - on your mobile device!

The Seahorse Dilution Calculator gives you quick calculations of stock solution and assay medium volumes based on desired final concentration, as well as stock compound concentration and desired compound volume.

Download The Seahorse Dilution Calculator Today! Available on Google Play and at the Seahorse Bioscience App Store.

Although specifically designed to simplify dilution of compounds for Seahorse XF Assays, the Seahorse Dilution Calculator can be used to make other laboratory solution dilutions as well.

In a busy laboratory environment, the Seahorse Dilution Calculator provides an easy, efficient way to quickly and accurately calculate your desired final concentration and volume.

Seahorse Bioscience is committed to helping make your laboratory experience as productive and efficient as possible.